DLM Textile(Suzhou)Co.,LTD has a 15000 square meter production facility.

We are actively implementing advanced production and development technology from Japan as well as utilizing our parent company’s powerful technical team and marketing systems. Following core principles of good credibility and high quality to make satisfactory products, we are devoted to R&D of new products and new patterns to further adapt to current market demands. Short term goals include sharing our high quality products with the global market and meeting the great demand that exists in Asia.

production process

As the OEM manufacturer, the most important thing is to deliver what the customers wants. By using the backward integration strategy, we have enhanced the company capability with no time. Through the years, we have divided our production process into five steps to advance company competitiveness as the leader of the market:

Step I

Raw material warehouse ---- According to the customers yearly order plan, we usually do early purchasing of the raw materials such as poly fiber, wool, silk, down and fabric directly with the major suppliers during the low seasons and leave at our own warehouse in order to control the costs and match the customers need.

Step II

Pre-finishing machinery process for raw material work house--- instead buying the pre-finish filling from the other manufacturers, we have our own machinery and capable to do batting, blown, blending, hard wadding, molding and shaping for all kinds of filling to control the costs and able to maintain the quality.

Step III

Multi-needle heads quilting machinery ---- As we have our own muti- needle heads quilt machinery from Japan, we are capable to do all kinds of designed quilting with software generated. After making quilt batting and sewing into the shell cover of mattress pads, depends on the design, it can fills in with one or more layers of hard poly wadding and do the special piping or walls to seal it. The special piping can be wide as 1”in. We are also able to do quilting on the finished thick pads to stabilize it.

Step IV

Quality control process house --- As most of Japanese textile co-ops have the needle testing regulation, all our products have go through the needle detectors to prevent any harmful accident away from customers. To make sure our production has the best quality with no defeat, we do quality check on every process and final quality check after the needle testing.

Step V

Packaging and delivery ------- As the OEM manufacturer, we do all kind packaging in house as customers requests. To perfect it, we have regulated our workers to wear in door shoes in order to prevent dirt and dust away from finished goods. At the end, we can deliver goods to any port by customer requests, or simply to shanghai port is only an hour away from our factory.